Laura K.

Lisa is a wonderful, eloquent, gifted teacher! I am so blessed to have found her. She is extremely gifted and has helped me immensely on my journey so far! 💕🙏

Meredith T.

I am a long time returning client of Lisa’s. She makes me feel at ease and is very easy to talk to. She is very personal and confidential. When I have a session with Lisa I feel as though I am talking with a friend.

Shannon S.

Great readings and classes. Lisa is very spot on with every reading she has done for me.

About Lisa

An Eclectic Late Blooming Psychic

Talk about a shift and shocker.  Opening up to the intuitive world at 38 has some challenges, but I like to think I tackled them with grace (and the wonderful support group of my family).  

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empathic, Claircognizant and Channel 

I am blessed to be able say that I am an open conduit for Angels, Guides, Ascended Master and Inter-dimensional energies.  

Among the healing modalities I practice are Shamanism, Reiki (Master), Violet Flame, Akashic Record and Angel healing along with several intuitive energy practices. 

Energy is always changing so this list expands as I work and increase my awareness with spirit.

My Journey

My Journey started quite innocently.  My son was fascinated with ghost hunting and I was to, if I'm being honest. 

We would head out to the battlefields to take pictures and gather evidence.  

Sadly, I wasn't aware there were basics, or guidelines we should be observing and it didn't take long to bring home something nasty.  

Basically a cling-on energy.

This started a mad scramble to figure out how to eliminate the issue we named "Sunny".

Let me just say, it is easier to the basics than it is to remove something nasty.  

So, now I teach others the things I didn't know, or even realize I need and I LOVE it.  

Seeing someone else's light bulb come on is amazing, there is nothing like it. 

My connection with spirit is nothing short or mind blowing, never in a million years did I see myself where i am today.  I am BLESSED!

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