Welcome Home

Welcome to your very OWN Akashic Records.  

This trance session carries us (yes us) through trance and you follow me into the Akashic halls to review Past Life Fragments and patterns. 

During this session, that can be very emotional, I work with the fragments and bring healing to them.  We then reintegrate them into the soul self. 

Incredible work that I am so humbled to be called upon to do by Archangel Metatron and St Germain.

You will remember what happens during this session and trance.

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Past Lives

They play such an important part of who we are today.  We still resonate with the lessons of yesterday


By Healing and creating thoughts in our present lives, we are releasing negative patterns

Beyond Time

We tend to think linear, when there is so much beyond that.  

Prepping for this session

With this session you will be booking an hour and a half.  Within that time we will be meeting at least 3 Angels/Masters and a guide or two if possible. 

Things you will need to have on hand. 

  • Earbuds or headphones
  • A quiet place with no interruptions
  • Eye cover (optional)
  • Tripod or way to prop up phone (you will drop it in trance)
  • Tissues (optional)
  • Something to write with and on
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