Beginnings of Meditation

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2020

Learning About Meditation

If you are dealing with any stress in your life, there are a few different things that you could try and which are sure to be helpful here, but one of the best practices that you can try if you are overcome by stress is meditation. Learning how to meditate is simple enough for anyone to learn, and there are really only a few steps here that will get you on your way to successful relaxation.

What is it?

Some people consider meditation as being a type of prayer and this a very close analogy. Meditation is really quite simple, and anyone can do it. First you are going to need to set the mood and create the atmosphere and energy to settle into meditation. 

You may want to put on some peaceful music, drumming or nature sounds, light some candles, or do whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable and which is going to help you to get relaxed so that you can begin your meditating. Now you are going to want to focus on your breathing techniques. The core of meditating lies in the breathing techniques that are used, so you have to get these down.

You want to close your eyes and count to ten, and focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly and try to forget about everything else that is all around you. To to meditate you will work to keep your left side of your brain active with a goal or bring yourself to center and quiet the brain. 

You want to imagine all of your stress being taken away, so when you are inhaling you want to inhale pure air and then imagine as you are breathing out that you are expelling all the negative energy and thoughts as you are doing so. 

There is NO way to do a meditations incorrectly.  Each person will achieve different states of relaxation and mind, so give yourself the grace to love whatever your moment brings to you. 

This is definitely one of the best things that anyone can do if they are stressed out and which is going to help them to manage their stress and not let it take over their life.

Lisa Fry


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