So one day your "normal"...... and the next the word normal doesn't mean the same thing anymore. 

Opening up to your intuition is an amazing change in life, but it can also be terrifying, disconcerting, frustrating and alienating.  


How can something that is so wonderful be so many things?  Why isn't it just easy?


It is all about the lessons we learn on the way.  Some are enlightening and others just plain stink.  Necessary, but stink. 


So what are Late Bloomer Classes and groups?  and why do I feel I can help someone on their path?  Great questions.  

First let's define being a Late Bloomer.... 

I would define this as someone that has an awakening and not necessarily raised to believe they were exceptional when it comes to spiritual gifts.  This means if you are 18-118 yrs old and suddenly seeing, hearing, tasting, touching or sensing something that isn't there.  You are a Late Bloomer.  

Welcome to the growing number of people waking up.


At 38 yrs old I started opening up to my intuition with Ghost Hunting and very little guidance.  I brought home nasty energies that I had no clue how to rid our home of or protect ourselves from.  

Lack of teachers and information left my family exposed to so much more than I anticipated. 


Education was my lifesaver.  I trained in Reiki and became Reiki Master and Healer.  Learned how to work with Chakras and Auric fields as well apprenticed in Shamanism to become a Shamanic Practitioner. 

Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Empathy, Claircognizance, Clairsentience and a couple other intuitive gifts. 

Although I consider myself and Eclectic Student of the Universe and don't really care for labels, I am a Psychic Medium.  Whats funny is everyone on the face of the planet is a Psychic.

I help those waking up to get a firm footing to start with and an understanding of gifts and how to expand them, if that is something they want to do.


We will just say I am an eclectic teacher and student of the universe.

All of that and some incredibly pushy guides places me where I am today.

Someone blessed with family, students, friends and an intuitive community that I love  working with.  

In short, I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am in life, and I wish the same for others struggling with being new to the psychic ntuitive world. 

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