Just the fact that you clicked on this page means you know there is more than what is placed in front of you.  Our goal is to help you see just how unique and gifted you are and yes.... I am talking to you. 

Through community, confidence, intuitive groundwork and some laughs we learn that anyone can connect to the other side. 

Have that confidence to take the first step and let us (not just me, but all of our alumni as well) show you how gifted and unique you truly are. 

Psychic Development Class

Mediumship Development


The long awaited MEDIUMSHIP COURSE  is now available for sign up.  This course will be held over the course of March on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  We will be going over many topics and practicing bringing over spirit in mediumship. 

Before joining you must have a firm understand of Grounding, Centering and Protecting your energy please. 


Mediumship Sign Up

"Lisa’s bubbly personality resonates with me. I’m at the beginning of the journey of myself. I did an Akashic Soul Awakening session with her.  It was amazing and mind blowing. It helped me as I have been feeling stuck. I am in the Late Bloomers monthly classes. Lisa is very knowledgeable about mystical subjects. She teaches how to not this is the answer go figure it out. She is very caring and kind. She is a beautiful soul sharing a precious gift, a light worker uplifting those in her classes and groups. Her encouragement and guidance has me well on the way to my higher self. 🥰."


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