Below you will find our list of services.  Each service is done via Facebook Messenger Video chat and Lisa will contact you. 

We offer discounts every week and hope that you find your session helpful.  

You will find a wide range of services and you can be assured that she passes on all the information that is given. 

There are a variety of readings available including:​

Psychic Readings - everything your guides want you to know

Mediumship Readings - Information brought over from passed loved ones

Akashic Records Readings - Past Life information and healing 

Healing Sessions - Energy healing such as Auric and Chakra

Shamanic Healing - Going deep and looking for attachments and intrusions, soul retrieval

Soul Tapping - A DEEP healing session designed to put you on the fast track of healing through soul retrieval and the Akashic Records

Animal Totem Readings - See where you have help from sacred animal totems in life

Information may come through Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudient, Clairempathy or channeled. 

Lisa also works closely with the Pleiadians, Metatron as well as a group called The Collective (a large group of angels, ascended masters and guides)


My Mystical Life Services

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