Join us for Mediumship Gallery hosted by Lisa and Sam Fry.  Two times the mediums for more messages and different perspectives. 


There will be Private Readers available to book with during the event.  Private readers are booked separately and not included in the cost of the weekend. 

Crystal Sales

We will be offering crystal sales Saturday 1pm - 9:30pm       Sunday 9:00am - 11:00am


A large group of adults dressed up in costumes and heading to Salem for Halloween. 

Count me in. lol

Spirit Circle

Working within a safe and high vibing gathering we will to ask spirit to come across with physical manifestation (table tipping) and messages.  

Special Event TBA

Sorry everyone.  I can't let this cat out of the bag just yet.  When I can I will.

I can just tell you it is AWESOME


There will be several GIVEAWAYS during the weekend.   One for attending, another for fun and the last for the costume contest. 



Here we go!  Pull together your best witchy costume and meet us for a weekend in Gloucester and Salem, Mass.  We will gather for everything from mediumship, readers, crystals, giveaways, spirit circles, costume contests and spirited discussion. 

All in one Halloween Weekend.   All this for $175 a person.  Private readings with individual readers not included in that price and can be booked with them in advance for a guaranteed spot. 

Purchase Ticket Here

How to Book Your Room

We have a group rate. 

Please call 1-978-546-3300 and when booking let them know you are with the My Mystical Life Party (Lisa Fry).