Savannah 2022

Let's Gather! 

May 20-22

No pressure or work, just meeting old and new friends in Enchanting Savannah under the sweeping oaks.

Savanah Gathering

Take some time and BREATHE in Savannah.  Join My Mystical Life's 2nd Annual Savannah Gathering as we chat, tour, laugh, eat, ghost hunt and FINALLY meet those people we talk to in person.  Last year was a BLAST and we plan on doing it bigger this year. 

There is no charge for this gathering, just set up for FUN!

Where We Are Staying 

Mansion at Forsyth Park

We are staying here for the convenience of a central meeting place.  Of course people are staying at hotels all around town, and we have people looking for roommates.  Check the My Mystical Life 2022 Facebook Group to find a roomie. 

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Mansion on Forsyth Park


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