Conduits, that is who and what we are.   

The profound part is that we are all the same.  Each of us have the capacity to talk to spirit.  Some of us are just more open to it. 



Lisa is an channel for several Ascended Masters, Angels and High Vibrating beings. 

Each energy comes across with their own personality and sense of humor with information that they feel people need.


Teaching others to connect with Late Bloomer Classes is a blessing. Each student has different needs which makes every class completely different and specialized. 

Information is channeled and through clairvoyance.


Shamanic, Reiki Master, Violet Flame Soul Tapping, Akashic Healing, Chakra work.

All names for different modalities of healings offered through our webpages.

               I know it sounds crazy but.......                    Late bloomers guide to being intuitive

These classes are channeled and we work towards making sure that you have to tools and basics necessary to move forward on your intuitive journey.

Mystic Cowgirl Jewelry

We are always striving to add new and exciting jewelry to our site.  Both western and spiritual pieces are available often.  

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